Generator and Small Gas Engine Mufflers

If you are looking for a superior small gas engine muffler, come to 300 Technologies. When you get a muffler from us, you get excellent noise reduction and release fewer pollutants into the atmosphere.

Muffler Applications

Our mufflers are designed for use in small engines, and are suitable for a wide variety of small gas engine muffler applications, including the following:

  • Generators
  • Concrete and construction tools
  • Fire rescue tools
  • Go Kart racing

Whether you need small mufflers for generators, for work tools, or for another kind of engine, we’ve got you covered. Our mufflers work well with more than just fuel-injection engines. If you aren’t sure if our muffler will work for your engine, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Carbon Monoxide Reduction

The Clean Air Muffler System (CAMS) technology used in our mufflers is ideal for reducing carbon monoxide emissions.

Gasoline-powered engines produce carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases. In addition to negative effects on the environment, these gases can pose a risk to people operating gas-powered equipment.

Carbon monoxide, in particular, can be dangerous in enclosed and partially enclosed places. It can build up to dangerous or fatal concentrations within minutes. Our CAMS technology can help you comply with OSHA’s safety standards to keep you safe when working with small gasoline engines.

To confirm that our mufflers reduce carbon monoxide emissions, 300 technologies collaborated with the Florida International University and Clean Air Mufflers. The EPA/CARB ISO-9001 Laboratory has verified that our CAMS mufflers achieve a 99.1 percent reduction of carbon monoxide.

Contact Information

If you are in the market for small mufflers for generators or any kind of small gas engine muffler, call us at (954) 234-0018 or email us at rfa@300technologies.com for a product price quote. We also offer B2B discounts, so contact us to see if you qualify.

We’ll be happy to help you order a quality muffler that will meet your needs.